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    Keep Your Collection Pristine and Protected

    Can you bear to see your collection of funko figurines getting damaged because they are out on the display without protection? If you are an avid fan, then the answer must be no.

    Then what is a surefire way to protect your collections with ease? The answer is simple. Get pop protectors! These plastic cases made from PET material are designed to keep your collection safe and sound. Whether it's scratches, dirt, dust, sun damage, or any other type of damage, your collection will be safe and sound as long as it’s placed in a plastic case.

    Buy From Evoretro Canada

    Select from our wide selection of Protectors! Evoretro Canada brings you amazing quality Funko pop protectors in premium manufacturing. The protectors are shipped in a box and all of them are flat. You will have to assemble them first, which takes a few seconds only. Then gently place your action figure
    inside. The best part is there is enough space inside the case to keep your action figure in a standing position. And no, it won’t drop or fall down because there is no extra space.

    What could be a better way to keep your collection Pristine and Protected? In case you are wondering, each box is 0.35 mm thick and it’s made from high grade material. Let’s assume you have placed your action figure inside the box and it falls. No worries. The premium plastic material is thick enough to
    protect your collection from damage.

    In case you are wondering if I would be able to read the label then the answer is yes. The plastic is completely transparent. You can read the label as well as see the action figure from the case. That’s why you can keep your collection displayed even if they are inside the case.


    Link to collection: ALL PROTECTORS

    Where to Buy Funko Pop Protectors?

    Where to Buy Funko Pop Protectors?

    Are you a diehard fan of Funko pop protectors? If yes, then you are not alone. These plastic figurines are found in the study room, library, bedroom, or any other room of those who love them. You cannot call yourself a true fan unless you keep these figurines pristine and protected. The best way to do that is to get Funko pop protectors. You must already know these protectors are made from
    plastic. Call them a case where you will be keeping the figurine safe and sound. The best part is the figurine won’t be hidden. They will be visible from the transparent case.

    In case you are here reading this blog, there are good chances you want to know where to buy funko pop protectors. Let’s find it out:

    Get Them from a Nearby Grocery

    These days even the grocery stores have Funko pop protectors for sale. When you go out to buy groceries, do check in the plastic section if they keep pop protectors. Make sure you know what size you are looking for so that it gets easier to decide.

    Buy It Online

    Who doesn’t like the choice of buying stuff online? If that’s you, then just do a google and you will come across names of a number of online stores selling these protectors.

    Don’t have much time to have a look at each seller and then narrow down your options? No worries. Check out Evoretro Canada. They have quality Funko pop protectors in different sizes. You can also order in bulk and save money if you have lots of figurines you would like to protect. Their protectors are made from high-quality polycarbonate material that keeps your action figure safe and sound.

    Display your collection anywhere you like so long it is kept in a protector. Buy one now.