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    Keep Your Collection Pristine and Protected

    Can you bear to see your collection of funko figurines getting damaged because they are out on the display without protection? If you are an avid fan, then the answer must be no.

    Then what is a surefire way to protect your collections with ease? The answer is simple. Get pop protectors! These plastic cases made from PET material are designed to keep your collection safe and sound. Whether it's scratches, dirt, dust, sun damage, or any other type of damage, your collection will be safe and sound as long as it’s placed in a plastic case.

    Buy From Evoretro Canada

    Select from our wide selection of Protectors! Evoretro Canada brings you amazing quality Funko pop protectors in premium manufacturing. The protectors are shipped in a box and all of them are flat. You will have to assemble them first, which takes a few seconds only. Then gently place your action figure
    inside. The best part is there is enough space inside the case to keep your action figure in a standing position. And no, it won’t drop or fall down because there is no extra space.

    What could be a better way to keep your collection Pristine and Protected? In case you are wondering, each box is 0.35 mm thick and it’s made from high grade material. Let’s assume you have placed your action figure inside the box and it falls. No worries. The premium plastic material is thick enough to
    protect your collection from damage.

    In case you are wondering if I would be able to read the label then the answer is yes. The plastic is completely transparent. You can read the label as well as see the action figure from the case. That’s why you can keep your collection displayed even if they are inside the case.


    Link to collection: ALL PROTECTORS

    Switch Lite Tempered Glass Protector

    Switch Lite Tempered Glass Protector

    The most basic way of protecting your Nintendo Switch Lite device is to get a Switch Lite Tempered Glass for sale.

    Anyone who owns a Nintendo device would want to ensure their precious investment is protected from moisture, dust, sunlight, scratches, and of course, accidental drops. It makes sense to use a tempered glass screen for protecting your gadget and to increase its lifespan. If you have plans of selling your Switch Lite, again, a tempered glass protector will help retain its original condition so that you get a good resale value. Not only this, you will enjoy playing longer on your device because its screen looks more presentable.

    Why You Need To Put Protectors For Switch Lite?
    Still not convinced that you need a tempered glass protector? Maybe this would change your mind:

    • The tempered glass has a surface hardness of up to 9h. This means it can easily resist scratch and impact. Let’s say your device accidentally falls down, it’s screen will be protected.
    • If you have always hated fingerprints marks on your Switch Lite’s screen, then you will be relieved to hear that tempered glass protectors come coated with oleophobic. It separates the surface dirt and makes sure no fingerprints remain on the screen. Your gadget will look as good as new.
    • Don’t worry about the display. You are going to enjoy the ultra-crystal clear display and you would continue to enjoy your game.
    • Most tempered glasses have 0.33 mm thickness to give you a smooth gaming experience. You won’t even feel there is anything on the screen. The experience is natural.

    Ready to get a screen protector for Switch Lite? Great. It’s extremely simple to install it. Just tap your finger in the protector’s middle and it will fit the screen automatically. You will have to squeeze a bit to remove air bubbles though.



    Protect your Treasured Video Games

    Protect your Treasured Video Games

    All games from the mid-90s used to come in card boxes, which we usually used to discard because they are worthless, to be honest. If you have games from the 90s in your collection and you call yourself a hard-core, then you definitely would like to protect your treasured collection.

    Even if you didn’t discard those cardboard boxes, it’s obvious they won’t be in such a pristine condition. What could be a better way to keep them protected and make sure the artwork doesn’t fade away?

    The simplest solution is to get Retro Video Game Protectors. They are designed to keep your video games safe and sound. You can easily stack and display your collection while keeping your games in pristine condition.

    These cases are made from premium material and are scratch-resistant. They are transparent, which lets you read the label and organize them on the shelf neatly. Let’s have a look at the features of these protectors:

    • Premium material

    The protectors are made from archive-grade acid-free plastic. You are investing your money in the right place because you are giving a home to your retro collection. The plastic used is PET that does not become yellow or brittle over time. This means the label will be visible and you can organize your
    collection with ease.

    • Thick plastic

    Not only the quality of plastic used for these Video Game Protectors is strong, but it’s also 0.35mm thick. The game is definitely going to fit in.

    • Sturdy and lifelong

    The plastic material used is scratch-resistant itself. Your collection will be protected from moisture, dirt, and dust, and sun damage.

    If you like to buy Premium Video Game Protectors Canada, choose Evoretro Canada. Order in bulk or limited quantity and keep your retro video games in a protective case. This will increase their lifespan for sure.


    Link to collection: VIDEO GAME PROTECTORS

    Are You A Star Wars Figurine Collector? This is a Must-Have Protector For Your Collections!

    Are You A Star Wars Figurine Collector? This is a Must-Have Protector For Your Collections!

    The one who is a fan of star war figurines would always dream of expanding their collection. If you have all the premium star figurines, you must be quite possessive about them. What you need is High-quality protectors for star wars figurine.

    We bring you high-quality protectors from Evoretro Canada. They are manufactured from premium material to ensure your collection is stored in the right place and kept safe. Let’s find out why they are a must-have for your collection of action figures and other figurines from star wars.

    How Can They Protect Your Collection?

    These Star Wars Figurine Protectors can prevent your vintage collection from dust, moisture sun damage, scratches, and accidental drops. You can easily stack display your collection while keeping them in pristine condition protected from fingerprints and sun these scratch-resistant cases are transparent and clear. This means you can read the labels when organizing your shelf.

    Sun Protection Included
    Wondering what they are made of? High quality PET material that maintains strength and protects the box from starches. There is also a thin layer of UV-resistant film for protecting your precious collection from UV rays and color preservation. Yes, you can now display your collection of action figures on the book shelf or anywhere you like without worrying about any kind of damage. What could be a better way to improve the lifespan of these precious collectibles?

    What Sizes Are Available?

    These Premium star wars figurine protectors coming in 6x 9x 2 ¼ inches. Feel free to protect Kenner, Hasbro, and other warriors from star wars. You can also use this protector for storing carded action figurines. You won’t regret this purchase!

    If you know someone who collects figurines and is very protective about them or it’s you who is an avid collector, get this must-have protector for your collection.


    Link to collection: FIGURINE PROTECTORS

    Where to Buy Funko Pop Protectors?

    Where to Buy Funko Pop Protectors?

    Are you a diehard fan of Funko pop protectors? If yes, then you are not alone. These plastic figurines are found in the study room, library, bedroom, or any other room of those who love them. You cannot call yourself a true fan unless you keep these figurines pristine and protected. The best way to do that is to get Funko pop protectors. You must already know these protectors are made from
    plastic. Call them a case where you will be keeping the figurine safe and sound. The best part is the figurine won’t be hidden. They will be visible from the transparent case.

    In case you are here reading this blog, there are good chances you want to know where to buy funko pop protectors. Let’s find it out:

    Get Them from a Nearby Grocery

    These days even the grocery stores have Funko pop protectors for sale. When you go out to buy groceries, do check in the plastic section if they keep pop protectors. Make sure you know what size you are looking for so that it gets easier to decide.

    Buy It Online

    Who doesn’t like the choice of buying stuff online? If that’s you, then just do a google and you will come across names of a number of online stores selling these protectors.

    Don’t have much time to have a look at each seller and then narrow down your options? No worries. Check out Evoretro Canada. They have quality Funko pop protectors in different sizes. You can also order in bulk and save money if you have lots of figurines you would like to protect. Their protectors are made from high-quality polycarbonate material that keeps your action figure safe and sound.

    Display your collection anywhere you like so long it is kept in a protector. Buy one now.


    Link to collection: FUNKO POP PROTECTORS

    How has Nintendo been doing during this pandemic?

    How has Nintendo been doing during this pandemic?
    Is nostalgia a commodity? To the right people, it most definitely is or has been for a while now. Netflix confirms we are indeed living in a nostalgia era as a theme of nostalgic documentaries have been taking up our screens recently from documentaries like Michael Jordan's The Last Dance or Tony Hawk's Pretending I am a Superman taking up our streaming screens. Through the decades, Nintendo has managed to not only stay relevant but to dominate the entertainment system niche. So How has Nintendo been doing during this pandemic?

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