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    Pokémon Card Protectors

    Pokémon Card Protectors

    Are you a proud owner of vintage sports and Pokémon cards? Are you wondering how to protect your Pokémon card collection from damage and tear? No more worries about finding your prized collection discolored or damaged from the edges. Evoretro brings you the ultimate solution for all your card safety problems through its highest quality products that will keep your collection good as new. 

    Rigid, Durable, and Super-Clear:

    Of course, a dependable Pokemon card protector should have all the necessary qualities to keep your possessions safe from all or most elements that can cause harm to them. Hence, Evoretro brings you solid products with top-quality material construction that resist drop/scratches even in harsh conditions. 

    More importantly, the cases are completely see-through and have a scratch-resistant design to stay in clear condition even after years of use. This way, you can always be ready to display your collectibles or show them off to your friend or a buyer. 

    Find unique Pokemon card protectors on sale to keep your cards in mind condition. Or gift them to a friend to put a smile on their face on their birthday. 

    A Solid Investment for Years to Come:

    Our products have a high-impact rigid PVC construction that ensures that the protectors don't get damaged, bent, or broken upon pressure. It strictly maintains its shape to keep the card inside tightly locked in place for optimum safety.

    You may be unaware of the actual value of your possession until a potential buyer shows up with a lucrative offer. So to be prepared, you need to keep the collectibles in safe protectors, especially if it's a sports card that can get damaged easily. If you keep the cards in the best shape possible through Evoretro protectors, you have more chances of making money off your sale.

    Get your hands on premium Pokemon card protectors, so your collection always stays in mint condition.


    Pokemon Card Protectors

    Comic Pro Line is here!

    Comic Pro Line is here!
    Keeping your precious collectibles safe is a task taken very seriously. And, of course, you care for things that are dear to your heart. But it does not always come easy, where many external factors can have a deteriorating effect on your possessions.

    Read more

    Hot Wheel Protectors

    Hot Wheel Protectors

    Dependable Hot Wheel Protectors For Sellers and Enthusiasts

    Hot wheels are a collectible to cherish for many people out there, especially hobbyists that develop an affection for these fantastic car replicas. They can be conversation starters and an item to brag about in front of your friends or other hobbyists. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. So keeping your collectibles safe from external elements such as discoloration, breakage and scratches is a must to hold their value intact. Enter hot wheel protectors.

    Exclusive Safety for your precious toy vehicles:

    Gone are the days of keeping your hot wheels wrapped up in your clothes or a secret cupboard to keep them safe from potential damage. Our high-quality protectors allow you to keep your souvenirs safe and sound inside a see-through box so you can put them on display without any worries. 

    Custom Designed for each toy:

    Since our protectors have a custom design to fit your hot wheels perfectly, it allows the toy to stay in one place inside the box. This design ensures that your toy isn’t shaky and keeps the protector free of any tears for added longevity. Additionally, the high-quality material used in manufacturing these protectors makes them sturdy and reliable for optimum care of your belongings.

    Premium Protection:

    Say goodbye to dust particles, fingerprints, and natural discoloration to keep your favorite toy as good as new for extended periods. And to top it off, our products are BPA-free, making them friendly to the environment and harmless to your health.

    Purchase the best:

    If you’re a retailer, get hot wheels protectors for your store today and make a reliable name for yourself among your customer base. You can purchase our products at a wholesale rate for a better profit on each sale while making your customers happy. Find the complete list of hot wheels protectors for sale here.

    Your Favorite Evoretro Products Are Now Available on Imaginaire

    Your Favorite Evoretro Products Are Now Available on Imaginaire

    Since we’re all tired of repeated bad news due to shambled world affairs and the pandemic, we decided to lighten up the mood for all collectors out there. We have some incredibly good news! 

    Evoretro products are now exclusively available across all Imaginaire stores for easy availability for all our customers. This boarding is a huge goal for us as we can serve a bigger community and make it much easier for them to purchase our products. 

    Versatile Collection:

    Our special attention to detail in our products makes them reliable, sturdy, and the perfect size for all your figurines, cards, and collectibles. Whether you want to keep your Frozen collection safe or want to protect your Charizard golden card from damages, we got you covered. 

    Durable and Scratch-Free:

    We aim to release you from all your figurine safety worries so you can whole-heartedly enjoy the uniqueness of your toy. Hence, our products are always high-quality and incredibly durable to protect what you place inside them. And since most hobbyists prefer to display their prized collections for people to see, the case must stay clear, which is why the see-through window is scratch-proof and doesn’t blur out what’s inside it. 

    Ultimate Protection:

    We understand the importance of keeping your collectibles good as new, which is why our products have a UV filter that blocks up to 99% of harmful sun rays. And the air-tight sealed design doesn't allow any liquid or air to enter the box. This design greatly reduces the chance of wear and tear while increasing the lifespan of your collectible.

    Why did we Choose Imaginaire?

    Imaginaire is one of the leading stores, with an enriched history of constant effort and commitment that made them as successful as they are today. We are honored to join hands with them while our shared values of customer satisfaction and hard work make our bond even stronger. Head over to the Imaginaire website right now and browse from various Evoretro products for the best protection for your souvenirs.

    Top-Quality Sports and Pokemon Cards Protectors For Everyone

    Top-Quality Sports and Pokemon Cards Protectors For Everyone

    Trading cards are so much fun, especially if you and your friends have deep know-how of the lore behind the cards. Such games include sports cards, pokemon cards, and more. Some people also try to collect unique or expensive cards to build their collection to show their peers. 

    But handling these precious cards with utmost care is vital to improve their lifespan. Else they can get damaged and lose their value by curling around the edges or discoloration. To avoid this problem, you can invest in high-quality sports card protectors and pokemon protectors to keep your collectibles good as new. 

    Robust design for each card:

    Each protector holds one card and encloses it inside for a sealed packaging that doesn’t allow air or water particles to seep in. This sturdy design makes our card protector waterproof, so you never have to worry about breaking or getting them soaked, even on rainy days when handled properly.

    Additionally, you can always fit the protector in your pocket, or if you have multiple cards, you can easily accommodate it in your backpack. Since the protector is see-through, your card will always be on display whenever you're playing trade games with your friends. 


    We encourage you to keep your card inside the protector, so we must ensure a clean display without any streaks or blurs from outside the box. Hence, our protectors are scratch-proof to always as good as new. And like our other products, the UV light protection shield stays active to keep your card safe from harmful sun rays.

    Find the best options on Evoretro:

    Are you looking for dependable protectors for your store to sell to your loyal customers? Your search for card protectors for sale is finally over. Purchase the best products for top-quality protection against damaging natural elements. 

    Here is a link you can follow to browse through our card protector collection and invest in protecting your beloved cards.

    Our Funko Pop Protectors Collection Just Got More Versatile

    Our Funko Pop Protectors Collection Just Got More Versatile

    Taking care of awesome beloved figurines has never been easier than it is today with our high-quality Funko Pop protectors. And we are delighted to announce our new line of protectors for you to keep your collectibles in perfect condition. No more worries of damages or scratches on your unique figurine that could decrease its overall value.

    Get your hands on the new releases:

    Hurry up before it's too late. Get your hands on all the new releases in our collection to decorate your store for customer appeal and loyalty. We assure you, our products are incredibly high-quality, and our durable Funko Pop protectors can be an excellent attraction for your store.

    If you’re an individual looking for Funko Pop protectors for sale, we are a one-stop solution for all your figurine protection needs.

    Same Durability and Protection:

    You can enjoy the same protection with a durable case as you did before, but now compatible with even more collectibles. Whether it’s your Yoda or your wolverine action figure, we got you completely covered. 

    Many protectors start to lose their color and shine after some time. Luckily, our Funko Pop protectors stay fresh as new due with high resistance against wear and tear. You can pick your place of choice to display any figurine without worrying about them getting damaged. 

    Perfect Fit:

    With a loosely fit protector, the figurine can stay shaky inside the box and cause damage significantly if dropped from a considerably high point, such as from a shelf or table. But our protectors have the perfect size for your action figure that keeps the toy fixed inside to avoid shakes. If, in any case, your figurine falls to the floor while inside the protector, the protector will mitigate the blow leaving your toy unharmed.

    Get yours today:

    We have a protector for everyone. Reach us today to buy exclusively safe tools for your prized collectibles. Find the list here