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    EVORETRO FURY GT-EV3 | Arcade Experience Reimagined with True-Drive Steering Wheel

    evoretro fury gt-ev3: arcade racing experience reimagined

    EVORETRO participated the GAMEX Toronto at Mississauga Convention Centre and Ottawa Comiccon 2022. We had the visitors and gamers test the FURY wheel prototype and got some great suggestions and feedback and have already applied the improvements on the product.

    EVORETRO is composed of a team of gamers who are passionate about exploring the world of gaming—we love playing racing games and we've made it our mission to make them more enjoyable, interactive, and accessible for every gamer.

    The idea for this product came from our love of arcade racing games and our desire to create something similar to what we grew up with, like the classic N64 controller but an upgraded version with all the controls you need to play your favorite racing game.

    We wanted to create a specially-designed product for everyone who shares the same passion for racing games and make it more enjoyable. Ultimately, to bring the arcade experience anywhere and make it accessible for kids, parents, and any gamer. The possibilities are endless as games are no longer limited to how many coins or tokens you have; you can play the arcade with just a one-time purchase.

    Mount, Plug & Play

    Who says you need to go out to arcades just to have fun? With our easy-to-mount system and simplified setup, you can now take your gaming adventure anywhere! Share it with your family and friends and bring the wheels to pool parties, family gatherings, or just a casual bonding with your kids at home. You can now enjoy the nonstop fun of all-around arcade gaming.

    Hit the road and compete with your friends with our value-engineered racing steering wheel. This is fully integrated with True-Drive Technology and Real-Drift Mechanism and with these two functions combined, you will get a whole different approach to winning your racing games. Introducing our most advanced arcade steering wheel yet, the FURY GT-EV3.


    The True-Drive Technology gives you complete control of the wheel to achieve the right speed to propel the car. With the real-drive 270-degree rotation, combined with a 3-tier sensitivity rate and a high vibration haptic feedback, you can easily adjust your drifting style and feel every curve and boost as you speed down the track.


    Experience realistic car racing with a 270° rotation radius. Compared to the other wheel models in the market with 90 and 180-degree rotation, this wheel is designed to give you smooth driving, drifting, and even lock-strafe maneuvers with this turn rotation angle.


    The 3-level sensitivity adjustment allows you to fine-tune your steering control for a better experience depending on what type of racing game environment you're playing.


    Feel every beat of the road with the built-in vibration motor system that gives a fun and exciting feedback up to 96.0 mA for an immersive driving experience.

    real-drift mechanism

    Drag your best lap times with the spring, gear-driven steering wheel with Real-Drift Mechanism that peaks motion precision. Compared to the conventional Belt System operated wheels on the market, the Real-Drift Mechanism is composed of a spring, gear, and potentiometer system that is more accurate and simply feels like you’re holding an actual racing wheel.

    coil-spring mechanism

    Our coil spring mechanism keeps your steering wheel in place and flanges in a neutral position for smoother turns. No more fighting with your steering wheel!

    strong buckle clamp

    The strong, adjustable buckle clamp locks your racing wheel onto any table or desk to keep it in place during a heated racing game. Simply mount, plug in your console, and boom, you are set to play!

    Linear brake system

    Our unique linear brake system delivers a smooth pedal response and fast torque recovery to get you to perform the perfect drift, every time. Show the world your drift skills!

    Multi-System Compatibility 

    Fully compatible with majority of racing games. Effortlessly win each tournament with the most advanced steering wheel that perfectly works on Switch, PS4, and PC games.

    Supported Platforms

    Nintendo Switch (Tested on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)

    PS4 - Play Station 4

     PC (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered) 

    Best gift idea for christmas


    EVORETRO Top Loader and Sleeves Kit: All You Need to Know

    Trading cards and sports cards are prone to wear and damage and putting them in their original boxes is not enough to ensure they’re protected from dirt, dust, and moisture. That’s why we've come up with these premium card top loaders and sleeves: a must-have to ensure your collection is guarded against degradation and handling damage.

    Our card sleeves give your precious cards extra layer of defense from corner bends and folds when shuffling during gameplays, while the top loaders provide them rigid protection so you don’t have to worry about them wearing out or fading.

    EVORETRO card protectors are archival-grade and acid-free, which means they maintain the value and authenticity of your most beloved trading cards for years, generations to generations. 

    Here’s what you can expect: 

    We strive to give quality products to our fellow gamers and collectors when it comes to our premium card protectors. These card top loaders and sleeves not only provide excellent dual protection, but also keep your card collection neatly organized when displayed. 

    Top Loaders

    • Made of impact-resistant and long-lasting PVC material 
    • Durable and stackable design 
    • Transparent wall for aesthetic appeal 
    • Compatible with 35 PT thickness cards 
    • Protects against wear and tear damage 

    Card Sleeves 

    • Provides extra lining inside top loaders for extra protection 
    • Features snug fit design for standard size cards 
    • Transparent design for effective organization 
    • Protects against dirt, dust and moisture 

    No need to worry about your card collection anymore! With this top loaders and sleeves bundle, you can definitely be thrilled to collect more knowing your collectibles would last forever.

    How to use the EVORETRO Top Loader and Sleeves Kit 

    1.  Open the kit and get your collection. 
    2.  Get the soft sleeves and slide the cards into them. 
    3. Once the cards are perfectly-fitted inside the soft sleeves, you can load the sleeved cards in the top loaders.
    4. Make sure that everything is tight and secure, and place your collection back on display.  

    Our card protectors are lightweight and convenient to use which makes loading and unloading of cards easier. You can either store or display them in the cabinet or shelf, or bring them with you during visit with a fellow collector, travel, or tournaments.

    Your cards would not only stay protected but would surely look cool with these! 

    What’s Next? 

    We understand the importance of protecting valuable card collectibles, so gamers and collectors can play with them like they did when they were young. There’s no better way to maintain their flawless condition than providing them quality card protectors that would do the deal.

    Take advantage of our EVORETRO top loaders and sleeves kit and start protecting your card collection before it’s too late. Shop now from our website or online stores! 

    Hey! Retro gamers and collectors, we've got a treat for you!

    Hey! Retro gamers and collectors, we've got a treat for you!

    If you're a video game collector, chances are at some point in your life, you have experienced the heartbreak of accidentally damaging one of your prized possessions. Maybe a friend knocked over a shelf, or another friend tripped over one of those shelves and sent them all crashing down. Whatever happens, it's no fun when something that means so much to you gets damaged. 

    Imagine if you could display your amazing video games collection without worrying about unwanted damage or greasy fingerprints on the game box. That's what EVORETRO is going for with its acrylic video game cases: preserving your video game collections while allowing them to be proudly displayed! 

    Now, let’s talk about the perks of having a custom-designed video game protector for your vintage video game collection. 

    Protects your game boxes from dust, dirt, and accidental damage 

    Your retro video games are more than just a collection of discs and cartridges. They are memories, important memories that may have been with you for years. It is our goal to keep them with you for as long as possible, that’s why we’ve created the perfect solution to display the case of your retro video games - the EVORETRO acrylic video game protectors! 

    Made from 4MM thick archival-grade acrylic material, these cases are designed to keep dust and dirt from entering your collection while blocking moisture and everyday wear and tearing off your precious video games. Not only that! This case also protects all corners, edges, and sides, keeping your prized video game collection in pristine condition and ensuring they are playable for the years to come. 

    Instant access to your games through the slide-bottom lid 

    Another feature of this acrylic box protector is the slide bottom push lock to keep the boxes closed to secure your favorite games all the time. The individual box protectors are designed to hold each video game box securely while providing easy access at any time without having to remove them from the case.  

    So what’s so special about this? Well, most other display cases have a latch or locking mechanism that you need to unlock before you can open them up. Yes, this protects your games when they are not in use, but it also makes it more difficult for you when it's game time. The EVORETRO acrylic display case protectors' slide bottom push-lock tab means you no longer have to waste any time opening up your collection and getting yourself into position. Just slide the bottom lid, pick up the box and go! 

    Space saving stackable design 

    Are you still having issues keeping your retro games organized? With this acrylic storage box, you‘re getting the best solution to manage your collection of Game Boy / Game Boy Advance, SNES / N64, and NES video games. The display case protector features a stackable design, giving you the option of piling multiple boxes together. 

    When you have to store away your treasures and leave them in a safe place, this ensures that your collection is not jumbled, making it easy to find specific games when you need them. If you have limited space at home, this storage display case protector is sure to come in handy! 

    Space saving stackable design 

    We understand the value of having your items displayed in their original box. The problem is that over time, the game boxes are subject to wear, bent corners, and worse: fading of the cover art! 

    EVORETRO video game display cases are made of acid-free and UV-resistant acrylic material, so even if your games are exposed to sunlight often, they won't fade or deteriorate over time. It also features a scratch-resistant finish that will keep your prized gaming collection looking new year after year, keeping your original packaging safe and protected while on display. 

    Museum-grade Display 

    Your treasured retro video games deserve a place on display that helps show off their beautiful graphics, adding to their nostalgic look while hiding any imperfections on the box art. The transparent glass-like wall design of this display case provides a clear full view of your prized retro games. Perfect for showing off your most treasured retro video game collection with pride! 


    Level up your retro gaming experience with this sweet treat from EVORETRO. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or an avid collector, we believe that the rarer the game – the more important it is to keep them in good condition.  

    Get your games to last forever with these premium acrylic display cases, avail them for your Game Boy / Game Boy Advance, SNES / N64, or NES video game collections. Visit, browse and shop away! 

    Guide to taking care of your Comic Books

    Comics are a big part of our childhood. So, if you’re one of the avid fans who soulfully collects from the Golden Age to the Current Age, then you’re in the right place.

    Whether you got brand new or second-hand, Comics still cater as treasured items. It truly brings out a unique sensation and retro experience, especially if you completed a whole collection of rare and limited edition Comic books.

    However, it might be a little bit challenging to keep your comic books fresh and crisp as time goes by. Well, there are ways to prolong the life of your precious collectibles. Here are some tips for you.

    1. Make sure your Comics are clean.

    First thing that you need to do to maintain the mint condition of your books is by ensuring they’re free from dust and dirt. If your comic books get stained, immediately take a damp cloth and run over the cover or pages to remove any surface dirt.

    2. Put them in high-quality comic bags.

    As a collector, it’s important that you invest in premium comic protectors like mylar bags or Oriented Polypropylene bags for your most-valuable Comic books collection. These protectors are excellent in guarding your book from unwanted elements and other accidental damage. Look for archival-grade plastic sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about deterioration over time.

    3. Use acid-free Comic boards.

    Having your Comics safely placed in a protective sleeve is not enough. Get a book board that will prevent your Comic covers and pages from creasing or bending while stored. Make sure that you get the acid-free boards for your Comics for extra protection against fading and transferring of the ink to the Comic bags.

    4. Be careful when handling your Comics.

    We don’t know how many times you’ve read your favorite Comics, but every time you think of re-reading them, you also need to consider putting extra care when removing and putting them back in their bags. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands before reading because the oil or dirt from your hands may damage or stain your exclusive Comic collection.

    5. Store or Display in a Cool Place

    Instead of putting them in the basement or attic, it’s better if you store your comics in a properly insulated area that is not exposed to direct sunlight or humidity that may cause discoloration. Keep them in an upright position and don’t stack them together to maintain their shape for years.

    Whether you’re a newbie or a professional Comic collector, taking care of your collection is a must. These simple ways can make a big impact on how you can preserve the value and authenticity of your comic books for life, so make sure to consider doing them.

    We know how enjoyable it is to retain the pristine condition of your favorite comic books. We are proud to be in partnership with Comic Pro Line and share this passion for collecting and protecting your valuable comic book collection! Designed with high-quality materials for comic book bags and boards, we offer you products in various sizes that can add great value and will keep your collection protected while on display. Get these for your own collections or give them as gifts to enthusiastic collectors just like you.

    Visit our website at for more details about our product line, especially designed for comic book fanatics, this comic bag is definitely a must have!

    Got a great collection of Pokémon cards? Treat them right!

    Are you an avid Pokémon Trading Card Game collector? If yes, this will give you some tips and tricks on how to take care of your Pokémon cards so they will be as fresh as the day you pulled them out of the booster pack.

    Pokémon is one of the most successful video game franchises in the world, and its card game series has been just as successful as it became the highest-selling trading card game of all time with over 34.1 billion cards sold. Up to this day, Pokémon TCG remains one of the most popular collectible card games out there and continues to flourish, with collectors and players racing to pick up the latest set of trading cards.

    Preserving the card’s value is an essential part of collecting. And it is a fact that Pokémon TCG is one of the expensive hobbies, as collectors, we wouldn't want to store our rare and valuable cards in ways that will damage them, especially if we ever think or want to resell them in the future. 

    As Pokémon card collectors, players, and TCG enthusiasts, we know that cards can get moldy––our Pokémon monsters and other TCG collections won't appreciate that! So it is important for us to invest in choosing the perfect storage methods to ensure that our prized cards collection can withstand years of use and many battles.

    Well, EVORETRO has great news for you! Made by a true Pokémon fan and retro enthusiast ourselves, we are thrilled to introduce the newest line of acrylic protectors for Pokémon Booster Pack and Pokémon Trading Card Game. Perfect to adding oomph to your deck of Pokémon cards and TCG collections while providing the utmost protection to your fandom pride!

    A look at EVORETRO’s custom-designed acrylic protectors that best fit your most precious Pokémon game card collections

    Have you ever had your precious cards damaged because of scratches, smudges, yellowing, and even cracking? If so, then this Pokémon Booster Pack Acrylic Case with Magnetic Lock Lid is what you need. Highly recommended as a fellow collector, this clear acrylic card protector is more sturdy than glass or general plastic products. It is made from a high-quality acrylic material that can help you protect your cards from rips, tears, dust, UV rays, and damage caused by moisture, all these while preventing your cards from fading and discoloring over time. 

    A plus? This Pokémon Booster Pack protector features a magnetic lock lid design for easy access and a portable design for added convenience. Take your favorite cards wherever you go without any hassle! 

    If you’re looking for a long-term storage solution for your treasured cards, Magnetic Cases is the perfect go-to!

    High-Quality Transparent Acrylic
    3MM Thick
    Magnetic Lock Lid Design
    UV protection to protect cards from fading and discoloration 
    Ideal for packed and loose cards
    Perfect case protector for Black and White Series, like Sun and Moon, X/Y Series Trading Cards Box

    Want to show off your valuable cards but don't want to risk damaging them? This card holder is made to showcase your collection while protecting them! Featuring high-quality crystal-clear acrylic materials and a sturdy base, this slab holder and stand will hold your Pokémon PSA Graded Cards in place while providing extra protection with its easy sliding card slot. This acrylic protector is specially designed to hold your PSA Graded Cards snugly in perfect fit without sliding around.

    Great for those one-of-a-kind Pokémon cards that need to be on display, each case has a transparent innovative design that allows you to easily view your cards from all sides. What makes it even better is the smooth modern look that's sure to complement any area where you choose to house your graded treasures. Go and impress your friends, co-collector, and TCG gamers, enthusiasts alike!

    If you have a graded card that's just too beautiful to keep in the slab, show them off with EVORETRO Pokémon PSA Graded Card Slab Holder and Stand - Acrylic Protector.

    Clear Acrylic Material
    4MM Thick (Slab Holder), 10MM Thick (Stand)
    Dimensions: 5.4" tall x 3.23" wide x 0.28" deep
    Single-card holder (standard-sized card)
    Displays the card at a 5° angle
    Fitted for PSA Graded Cards

    How about displaying your most prized card as a token of pride? We got you on this with our built-in stand acrylic protector for Pokémon PSA Graded Cards. This is made from ultra crystal clear, pure transparent plexiglass material which can hold one single card and is great for displaying your PSA graded card at maximum visibility. Proudly display your collection in a 360 view.

    The best part? This lightweight card display built-in stand features UV protection to save your rare Pokémon card collection from UV rays damage that can cause fading over time. It has a fixed metal stand too, so you can display your rare card in the best way possible. Definitely a must-have for collectors for displays in your home, office, or at the show! 

    Raise the bar on your prized Pokémon PSA graded cards with this stylish crystal coat acrylic standalone desk frame. This makes a great gift for Pokémon fans and any collectors!

    Made from High-Quality 100% Transparent Acrylic
    14MM Thick
    Dimensions: (H) 137 x (W) 82 X (D) 7.5MM
    For Standard Cards: 2-½’’x 3-½’’
    PVC-Free and Acid-Free Material
    Metal Stand for Sturdy and Superior Display/Presentation

    Make sure your holographic TCG preserves its value with EVORETRO Acrylic TCG Box Protectors!

    Here’s the perfect display case for your Pokémon booster box––a stylish, ready-to-display box that's both UV protected and dustproof! 

    EVORETRO Pokémon Booster Box w/ Sliding Lid Acrylic Protector is made from high-quality acrylic material making it highly durable, impact-resistant, and waterproof. Not only that! This also features a UV coating to protect your precious cards from UV rays, dust, and other elements that can damage your collection. It comes with a sliding lid lock system for more secure protection. 

    This display case is specially designed to display one standard size for the Pokémon Booster Box and is compatible with all the modern series like Nintendo Era EX-series such as Ruby & Sapphire, Sandstorm, Dragon, Team Magma vs Team Aqua, Hidden Legends, Fire Red & Leaf Green, Team Rocket Returns, Deoxys, Emerald, Unseen Forces, Delta Species, Legend Maker, Holon Phantoms, Crystal Guardians, Dragon Frontiers and Power Keepers.


    Inner Dimensions:  (H) 13.8 x (W) 12.5 x (D) 7.7 CM 
    Thickness: 4.0MM
    With UV Protection
    Durable, Impact Resistant 
    Dustproof and Waterproof
    The display features a sliding lid for secure protection
    The four sides of the box are professionally polished to prevent scratching
    Don't just protect your Pokémon Elite Trainer Box, display them with pride with our premium acrylic protector! 

    On top of securing your collection from dents and scratches, our Pokémon Elite Trainer Box Protector w/ Sliding Lid has UV protection to save your cards from UV rays damage and keep their pristine condition for years. It also features a prime grade, crystal clear transparent acrylic material that boasts excellent durability. 

    The premium case is 4MM thick and comes with a convenient sliding bottom lid design that makes it easy to access the items inside without opening the entire case. This protective storage case is also stackable for easy storage—stack as many cases together without worrying about them crashing down or taking up a lot of space either! 

    Perfect storage option for collectors, keeping their cards protected and sealed while also looking crisp on display. Let your collection shine, as your trophies deserve a premium display case! 

    High-Quality Acrylic Protective Case
    4MM Thick
    Dimensions: 7.48 x 6.54 x 3.62 inches
    Sliding bottom Lid
    No assembly required
    Eco-Friendly Material

    Our commitment as collectors does not end the minute we take possession of our precious card collections. With EVORETRO’s Pokémon acrylic cases, we can Proudly Display and Protect them for life. Let’s go and catch ‘em all!

    Reminisce the Pokémon Era with EVORETRO’s newest line of protectors in collaboration with Jason Paige

    As fellow Pokémon collectors, we know the struggle of getting the most precious Pokémon cards containing exclusive Pokémon collector’s items. But, what’s harder is what comes after, which is taking care of your most valued Pokémon cards and keeping them in sealed boxes.

    Yes, you can put these items in a well-kept room, sealed inside its box. But, even by being careful with your collection, accidents can still happen. That's why you need extra protection for your valued items such as Pokémon cards and Pokémon boxes.

    But, of course, even your protectors can be more than just protectors to safeguard your items. They can also be valuable themselves. It’s the biggest reason why EVORETRO partnered with Jason Paige for the EVORETRO Pokémon Trading Card Game Box Protectors - Jason Paige Edition.

    As a Pokémon card collector, you probably already know who Jason Paige is. But, if you have no idea yet, he is an American singer, writer, record producer, and actor who’s mostly known for singing the English version of the Pokémon theme song when it was first released in the US and across the world.

    If you’ve been a lifelong Pokémon fan, especially when you became a fan around the time when Pokémon was still new, you probably spent a lot of your time singing along to the famous lyrics “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was… Pokémon gotta catch ‘em all” in each Pokémon episode.

    With Jason Paige being associated with Pokémon since its English version started, he’s one of the few people that’s really closely associated with Pokémon outside Japan. 

    As Pokémon fans, we collect and protect our precious Pokémon TCG items mainly because of the nostalgia that it brings. When you look at your collection, many great memories as a Pokémon fan get replayed in your brain, right? With one look at your Pokémon TCG items, you’re suddenly back in the ’90s.

    For the best hit of nostalgia for Pokémon TCG collectors, EVORETRO went out of its way to form a collaboration with Jason Paige. You can enjoy having box protectors to keep your trading cards and Pokémon boxes safe with these limited edition protectors that are designed in collaboration with someone who’s really included in how Pokémon formed a lifelong passion in children all over the world during the ‘90s.

    EVORETRO - The Place To Get Your Groove On Like You're Back In The Nineties

    The Items in the EVORETRO Pokémon TCG Box Protectors - Jason Paige Edition

    The Pokémon ETB Jason Paige Edition Protector is built to protect your elite boxes with its 0.50MM thickness, perfect if you want them to retain their condition and value. This item is compatible with all Pokémon Elite Trainer Boxes that fit all modern sizing standards.

    Other than being designed to fit all sizes, the Pokémon ETB Jason Paige Edition Protector also comes manufactured with premium high transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic material to make the protector strong and stiff but still with good optical clarity, so you can still marvel at your trainer boxes while your PET protector keeps them safe and secure.

    For extra protection, it has an easy-to-peel removable film that ensures your trainer boxes are free from dust. It also has good material and manufacturing to ensure that dirt and other particles won’t make their way to your valuables, protecting your retro collection from damage. 

    If you’re wondering if it’ll fit your box, its dimensions are 16.8 x 9.1 x 19.1cm.

    The Pokémon Booster Large Box is designed to protect your precious Pokémon Booster Boxes, it is a Jason Paige edition and what makes it more special is Jason Paige’s personal touch with its embossed logo emblem.

    Our protectors use a high optical clarity PET plastic material that protects your trainer box without compromising the look of your collection. It has a 0.50MM thickness that guards your item against dirt and damage, in crystal clear display. 

    They are also stackable, so they are easy to keep. These protector cases are shipped flat to avoid damage. Also, even if they are shipped flat, they are still easy to unpack and assemble. 

    With the Pokémon Booster Large Box Jason Paige Edition Protector, you can keep your trainer boxes in great condition for multiple years. Take pride in collecting them by providing proper protection while on display. It also has a removable film that’s easy to peel off, which helps it easier to see your items even when you’re keeping them inside the protector.

    Our product is acid-free and has a protective film that you can easily remove if you want to add visibility to your collections. Check your collectibles and see if they will fit the 12.4 x 8 x 13.7cm protective case dimensions.

    Pokémon items aren’t cheap, especially the best and most authentic Pokémon merchandise and limited edition items. Of course, they will cost you a lot of money, but their worth can go well over their original purchase price if you can keep them in pristine condition.

    The Pokémon Original Booster Protector Jason Paige Edition is a custom-made box protector designed and built for your rare, most valued, first-edition Pokémon Booster Trading Card Game.

    With this PET protector, you can keep your Pokémon cards protected from dust, moisture, dirt, damage, fingerprints, and more! All of which can make their way to your cards when they are laid bare without a protector no matter how careful you are, so better not to risk it and give your collection the protection they deserve.

    Our protectors are manufactured with the best archive-grade acid-free, odor-free, and transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. You can also stack it without damaging your items or your protector, which is great if you organize your Pokémon items in a tight space. If you want it to be clearer from the outside, you can also peel off the protector’s easy-to-peel protective film.

    It is also convenient to unpack and assemble because the protector has a soft crease folds for easy set up. You also don’t have to worry about your valued items being squeezed inside, as it has ample room to ensure that the packaging on your retro collection isn’t too tight. 

    Get its measurement to confirm if it fits the dimension of: ​​13.6 x 12.4 x 7.6cm.

    The Pokémon Celebrations Ultra Premium Booster Collection Box display case is one of the premium items in the EVORETRO-Jason Paige collaboration. It uses non-PVC and acid-free materials that provide improved protection for your Pokémon merchandise and is also more environment-friendly.

    The display case is 0.45MM thick and made of high-quality transparent PET plastic material that can keep your booster boxes clean, dry, and safe. It is compatible with the Pokémon Celebrations Ultra Premium Booster Collection Box. If you have it, you can make great use of this protector to safeguard your sealed box collection.

    When you get your hands on the protector, it has flaps on both sides and has an inner dimension of 18.2 x 31.5 x 9.2cm to fit your merch. It has soft-creased folds, removable film, a stackable structure, and a transparent design.

    Another item in our Jason Paige line of protectors is this display case designed to protect your Pokémon ETB Center 25th Celebrations Elite Trainer Box collectibles. 

    If you're a Pokémon collector, this EVORETRO display case is the perfect addition that can make your collection look even better while also keeping it safe from damage and dirt. Not only will your trainer box be rare, but your protective case will also be a rare item.

    Our protectors would add a defined look to your collections as it has a crystal-clear protective case. It means you can display your collection without compromising its value and preserve how nostalgic and neat it looks. To make it even better, we also included a removable protective film for added protection.

    It has dimensions of 21.5 x 21.7 x 9.7cm,  specifically designed for the Pokémon ETB Center 25th Celebrations Elite Trainer Box. It has the right amount of space to keep your merch safe without squeezing it inside the case.

    The EVORETRO collection of Pokémon TCG Box Protectors - Jason Paige Edition is inspiredly made to ensure your retro items will be Proudly Displayed and Protected. These are the display cases that you should get to take care of your exclusive retro collections.

    If you’re a Pokémon fan or looking for a gift for a friend who’s in love with Pokémon, you’re just in time to get these EVORETRO-Jason Paige Pokémon TCG Box Protectors, hurry before our limited collection runs out! 


    View the products here: EVORETRO x Jason Paige


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