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With EVORETRO’s premium line of premium Pokémon protectors 

With EVORETRO’s premium line of 

premiuPokémon protectors 

EARN MORE by serving your customers with some serious protectors

that are bound to power them up! 

EVORETRO offers a wide-range of PET and acrylic case protectors for Pokémon trading cards, booster packs, ETB,

and the newest and first on the market––Charizard protector.  

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Display Case Protector 

for Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection

First on the market 

(so hurry and get this to your store shelf!)

Custom designed

to fit the new Pokémon TCG: Charizard

Made with archival-grade,

acid-free, and durable PET material 

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Look no further as you came to right shop to stock up your Pokémon products.  

Be our retailer partner!

Look no further as you came to right shop to stock up your Pokémon products.  

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exciting news!

Shield+ Top Loader Binder soon on Kickstarter 

Available for pre-order with exclusive retailer discount  

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EVORETRO has been producing retro gaming accessories and protectors for decades, and we can't think of a better way to spend each day than getting to know our customers, hearing their stories, and helping them build an amazing collection.